The Charity breakfast started off the day. Unfortunately, I didn't go to this, but according to the buzz, everyone had a great time.

I hear a lot of grumbling about Creation conventions, Creation Nazis herding the crowds quickly through the events and away from the guests...etc. But I'd like to say that I saw none of that here. It was a very casual atmosphere. Maybe it was the small need to get rough with us <g>. In fact, the only Creation people I saw (or was aware of) was the MC (his name was Adam, I think) and another lady who mingled with the crowd and kept asking everyone if they were having a good time.

Before the festivities began in the afternoon, our MC Adam was rather annoyed because the in the room next to us, was an extremely loud church revival type thing going on. Now, when I say loud...I mean in our room you could hear it like a normal program would be, volume wise. In their room it was *crazy* loud. Like Metallica concert loud. The music was blaring (heh...not Metallica), the people were a stompin' and praisin' the Lord, and I think if Jesus was listening, he'd a been a little sceered. Glory be.

Anyhoo...these folks were supposed to be done at noon, but the spirit must have been moving them, because at 1:00pm they were still singing his praises. Adam apologized to us and we went on with our program (and turned it up really loud *snicker*). What an interesting energy must have been mingling between those two walls...


First up, another video tribute to Kevin (this was different from Saturday's), then a video pitting Alti against Callisto. This was interesting, because it was edited like Calli and Alti had appeared together in an ep . You know...Calli shoots a fire ball, Alti gets hit by one. Pretty cool. Then Season 4 Bloopers, you know how I feel about those <g> (yippee!).


A video salute to Alti and then Claire came on.

More pictures of Claire

Claire prowled out with a hearty "Praise Jesus!" and wondered if they were healing people next-door (they may have been <g>). She tried to begin her talk, but the folks in the next room were really getting into something, and she asked us if we minded if she went over there and asked them to "shut the f**k up." We all laughed, and she bravely went on and told a great story about her first con in Orlando and how she met Kevin Smith and Danielle Cormack.

They went out drinking and she spent the entire evening hitting on Kevin, until Danielle finally told her he was married. She then auctioned off an autographed picture of Kevin for his family. She started the bidding at $100 and promised a kiss to the winner <g>. It went for $275. She also sold videos of her doll movie and donated the proceeds to Kevin's family.

She explained how she made her doll movie, and how much fun it was, and maybe making another one with Ephiny in it (using the Velesca action figure).

She talked about working on Drop Zone (she was asked if she did her own jumps), talked about partying in the Keys (where it was filmed), and making clandestine tandem jumps at night with Yancy Butler (not together, each with an experienced jumper).

When asked about her favorite moments filming Xena, she said she liked flying around in the Sin Trade eps and driving the "kick ass" car in Send In the Clones.

She warned us to be careful what we wish for, because she'd decided not to pursue acting (unless Tarentino or Scorsese asked her <g>), and sure enough, Quinton asked her to audition for a new "kick ass chick" action film, called Kill Bill (he's a big Xena fan). She didn't get the part (Sammuel L. Jackson's wife got it), but she said it was great to meet him, and she gave him a video of her doll film <g>. Actually, she told us to keep dreaming our dreams...'cause you never know...

She talked about an episode of Xena that never got made, in which Rob had this idea to do a 1,000,000 years BC ep, a la Rachel Welch, with Lucy and Claire running around in bearskin bikinis (whoo hoo!) but it (obviously) never got off the ground.

As for her future plans, she's working with a friend on a line of T-shirts, which she's very excited about. She wants to continue to direct. She couldn't say enough about how wonderful and talented Danielle Cormack is, and how she's going to direct her in the Cherry Hill thing going on Friday night (that's their night at the con), and she hopes that will be the beginning of one of many collaborations as director/actor between them. She also announced that Danielle has moved out to LA with her son to try her hand at the "Hollywood" thing.

She was asked about her inspiration for her Telepopmusik video, and she said it was just after Sept. 11, so that had a huge impact on it.

She talked about doing the fight scenes on Xena and she said Lucy was a big help, because the crew just assumed, for some reason, that she knew what she was doing. So Lucy taught her how to sell the action to the camera.

When asked why she wasn't acting, she said she doesn't really want to act anymore because it's not her passion. She'd rather direct because she feels more comfortable doing that. At this point, Jesus must have made an appearance next-door, because it became quite loud(er), and we decided Claire should go over there and in her evil Shamaness voice suggest they keep it down. She laughed, but begged off, as it was Sunday. "We'll pay you," we pleaded...

She said Rob was trying to put something together in NZ and if he asked her, she would be glad to work with him again. She said she'd love to work with Yancy again, and was surprised to hear she was in rehab. "She's *so* not..." she began, but someone said alcohol rehab and she said "Oh...well...we *all* need alcohol rehab, honey!" <g>

She made a funny comment about the Olsen trolls (<g> her description). Apparently, she was on their show (Two of a Kind) playing a model, and she over heard one of the saying "She's not a model!" Claire said she should have gone over to her and said "Well, you can't afford Cindy Crawford!" So, not feeling the love for the Olsen twins <g>.

She had high praise for Creation (and not in a suck up way) for allowing her an outlet to present her little projects, and mentioned that several hundred thousand dollars has been gathered through Creation for Kevin's family. So she ended her show by saying she was really proud to be part of such a wonderful phenomenon that brings so many people together, and she loves seeing the familiar faces at the cons and feeling like part of a big family.

Ah...the power of Xena (she has many skills <g>)

Claire then signed autographs, and was very gracious, and appreciative that we came out. (to the con...hee)


More music videos, and the costume contest. Unfortunately, only two people (!) were in the contest, one dressed as Caesar, and one as Empress Gabrielle from Illusia (the long green and red dress). Both were really terrific. There was a Xena running around somewhere, but she didn't enter the contest (?). Too bad. Her costume was spot on.


Next was a video retrospective of all six seasons. Each season had it's own song, and the songs were remixes of popular songs (Pat Benatar's Love is a Battlefield, Madonna's What it Feels Like for a Girl, a Sarah McLachlan song, etc...) The season 6 vid kicked ass (can't remember the song, sorry). They had a seventh video dedicated just to A Friend in Need. It was kinda quiet after that one. I, myself, let out a heavy sigh. (I'm a FIN liker, BTW, but it's still tough to watch)


After an intermission we had another auction, half the proceeds going to the James Ellis Foundation. They auctioned off Gabrielle's sword from To Helicon and Back for $1200, I think. I drooled as the shadow boxed chakram (new version) went. (Can I touch it... Please?)

Another music video, and then we saw some movie previews: The Hulk, Minority Report, and a kick ass one for The Matrix II.


Next up, Missy Good.

Missy...Missy...are you here...Missy?

No show. Kinda bummed. She's always very informative and entertaining.


On to Claudia Christian. They showed a very funny clip from Babylon 5 (there were funny clips from Bab 5? j/k love that show!) Ivanova was supposed to have sex with some alien, and she was demonstrating what human sex was like (trying to convince him he couldn't handle it) she was acting was funny. You Bab 5 fans know what clip I'm talking about <g>.

More pictures of Claudia

Claudia came out joking about orgasms after the clip and her orgasmic performance the night before in the Vagina Monologues. She joked quite a lot, one liners coming in rapid succession as she took questions from the audience.

The first question was about Bab 5, and what was her favorite episode (the clip was her least favorite, BTW<g>). She said she liked the sad ones, like when Marcus died, and her dad died, because she "actually got to act in them."

Someone asked her to translate the French in her Taboo video, but she said there were children in the audience so she couldn't she acted it out instead...funny <g>. She talked a bit about making the video with Alex, and Claire's directing.

She was asked if she was still doing a show called "Wild Cooking", she said yes, they'd filmed a few pilot eps and it should be out in a few weeks. It sounded like Survivor meets The Iron Chef. (!?)

When asked about Hourglass, she let out a heavy groan and pretended to fall to her knees. "You had to bring that up." Interesting response. She said they were still out there hustling, and the more we (the fans) write in, the better it is for them (sign the guest book at Hourglass). "Currently, it's at a company that would like to make it a movie of the week, first," she said. She went on to explain that the cable industry is really down right now, and they've already chosen the TV shows for this season and they didn't make it. "It's a longshot," she said, "so we should all join hands and sing Kum By Ya...only replace the words with Hourglass." So we did <g>. She had lyrics and everything. Very funny.

She was asked whether she liked playing a good girl, or a bad girl. She said she liked anything that was challenging. She said Relic Hunter was funny to her because she got beat up by Tia Carrera and she could "totally kick her ass" <g>. Yeah, baby!

She announced that because she wanted to spend time with her family, this was her last con in America this year. So no repeat of the shenanigans at MSR, I guess :^(

She's hoping to direct her first film, and she's been directing a TV show down in Orange County (didn't name it), she's gotten a new agent, changed her life a bit and hopes that this year will be a year that she works a lot. She enjoys cons, but she finds them too distracting. She wants to focus, and feels this is a good choice for her right now.

She did a wildly funny Captain Janeway impersonation! "Don't get me wrong, I love her," she said. "But she's so darn easy to do!" And she did it again <g>.

Someone asked her if there was any Bab 5 fan fic out there that involved her character and she said "Sure. Apparently I've boffed the whole female community! I'm a space didn't know that?" <vbg>

When asked what she valued most from her Bab 5 experience, she said the people she worked with. The cast is still quite close, and they're all still good friends.

That was it for Claudia on stage, on to the autographs. She was really sweet, she posed with anyone who wanted a picture (which was just about everyone, including yours truly <g>) announcing "if you're under 5'6" you can sit on my lap." After 10 or so visits to her lap, she decided standing for pictures was a little less painful! So that's what she did. She was very friendly and very thankful.


Some notes from the rumor mill:

Adam said they were going to *try* to get Joe LoDuca to come out to the Pasadena con next year and play a concert, and they were going to *try* to get Lucy to come out and sing.

Also a Bard Con rumor that they were going to *try* and get Alex and Claire to come to next years con in Washington...I think it was. Don't know if that's DC or state.

End of Con.

I had a really great time, and met some wonderful people. All of the guests were fantastic. I want to thank them for making the effort to come to these events and share their experiences with us. There wouldn't be a convention without them.

I hope you all enjoyed the report!


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