Montage from the Xena episode When Fates Collide

Welcome to a Warrior Princess Nerd Zone!

Welcome to my tribute to the timeless classic, Xena: Warrior Princess, a show that captured hearts and sent imaginations soaring all around the globe. This website started as a fun fan project, brimming with fan fiction, detailed accounts from conventions, and a curated collection of all things Xena, but time has passed, and I think I’ll leave most of this site to the cherished past.

While I’ve decided to let the bulk of the content rest easy now, I’m still a huge Xena fan and I’ve chosen to keep the site alive, partly because of the banner that I made for When Fates Collide—my all-time favorite episode—and partly because I’m pretty proud of the music videos I made about the show. Especially, the When Fates Collide video.

Although some videos are no longer available or are restricted in some locations, you can still find some on my YouTube channel. If I can find the time (haha), I may post them here.

Thank you for joining me in keeping the legacy of Xena alive. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering the series, I hope you find as much joy in these videos as I did in making them.