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Our welcoming banner today is my montage of the marvelous episode, When Fates Collide. I'd like to say that the welcoming banner will change periodically. But since I find WFC to be the quintessential XWP episode, it probably won't. It is my favorite.

Enough about me...on with the worship.


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My video page was woefully out of date as far as format and availablilty, so I converted the music vids to .mp4 and embedded the videos that survive on YouTube there. All the videos are available for download, just please don't do stupid crap like upload them somewhere else and claim they're yours, K? Thanks.

I should convert all the misc clips as well, but the important ones (to me) were the music videos, so I started there. Maybe one day I'll get to the others. I should redo this whole site actually ... (lol).


The screencap heaven that was Mike's Images ceased on 1/2013, but you could still access some of the site via the Web Archive. That access has now ceased as well, so here are a few sites with nice pics: farawaysite, who has a lot of imagery from TV and movies, and angelbacchae, a very well organized site with LOTS of captures from many shows.


So, after four years I have something Xena related to say (lol)! I have a twitter account but I don't have many followers, so I'll deliver this old school via the lowly webpage update. This tweeted by Lucy Lawless (@RealLucyLawless) tonight:

lucy tweet

Something for the Xenaverse to buzz about. Can't believe after all this time there is still red tape wrapped around the franchise.

If you would like to follow me on the twitter machine, that would be lovely (I might even tweet more! lol) .


We all knew this was coming, but now it's official. In an online article on TheTorchOnline.com Rob confirms what we've all been dreading. No Xena movie in the foreseeable future, which means no Lucy and Renee reprising their roles. Gah. My movie poster card will remain up.


Well, first of all ... Happy New Year everyone!

This next bit of business is an odd thing ... apparently, someone has made a Danish Facebook page on which they've posted in one of their Xena albums a topless photo of Chyna (the wrestler) with Lucy's head Photoshopped onto it. Not unusual (the Photoshop job), but they've used my Xena Movie postcard as their welcome pic (that's fine, spread the love, eh?), and (and here's the thing) under "Information," they've listed my website address. For all I know (it's in Danish, afer all), it's just a favorite links section (it translates to "Information" ), but my site is the only one there, so it looks like I made the Facebook page and therefore put up the topless pic (I've already gotten emails about it).

I just want to let people know, I have not posted, nor would I ever post, topless or otherwise disrespectful pictures of *anyone,* let alone Lucy Lawless, whom I adore.

In other news, the copyright police have been cracking down on YouTube, and my Xena video to Do What You Have to Do has been taken down. It's still available here, as are all my videos. My Xena video Touched, and When Fates Collide were tagged by the copyright reaper, but the claims were retracted (by NBC Universal), so they are safe on YT for now. UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Touched video didn't survive the next sweep and has been removed from YouTube.


I've added .wmv format versions to all my music videos. (after a year, some update, eh? lol) Happy Holidays everyone!!


What!? An update? It's true. Been a while, but here it is: My friend Tracy Van Zeeland took some awesome photos at the Chicago and Burbank conventions (2007), and some outstanding photos of Lucy's concerts at the Roxy, and at Buddy Guy's Legends in Chicago.

Chicago convention | Chicago concert photos (at Buddy Guy's Legends) | Burbank convention | Lucy's performance at the Roxy

(I've also added the links to the Misc. Goodies page). Please direct any questions, comments, or inquiries about the photos to Tracy here. Enjoy!


Well, I've finally done it. I finally got around to putting my vids on You Tube. Here's the link. If you like 'em, rate them, comment, mark them as favs, you know the routine. Thanks to all who have supported me in my video endeavors and have taken the time to comment on them, it is very much appreciated. I look forward to gathering new fans with the wider audience You Tube affords.

And while I've got you here, we're trying to make another push for the Xena movie, what with Lucy's exposure on Celebrity Duets and all, so how about dropping a few more postcards and letters to the addresses below the What's New box to let the big dogs know we still care. Thanks! Now go watch some videos!


Added tonight's (Thursday) clip of Lucy's appearance on Celebrity Duets. Go to the Videos page, scroll down to Misc Clips. It's at the bottom. The slo-mo clip in the middle shows Rob and Renee in the audience to the right of Wayne as he walks down the isle.


Added tonight's (Friday) clip of Lucy's appearance on Celebrity Duets. Go to the Videos page, scroll down to Misc Clips. It's at the bottom.


Added tonight's (Thursday) clip of Lucy's appearance on Celebrity Duets. Go to the Videos page, scroll down to Misc Clips. It's at the bottom. There are some digital broadcast artifacts in the clip, but the main performance is mostly clean (1 split second glitch).


Added tonight's (Friday) clip of Lucy's appearance on Celebrity Duets. She looks stunning in this clip. I mean it. Movie star stunning. Go to the Videos page, scroll down to Misc Clips. It's at the bottom. There are some digital broadcast artifacts in the clip, but the main performance is clean.


Added tonight's (Thursday) clip of Lucy's appearance on Celebrity Duets. Go to the Videos page, scroll down to Misc Clips. It's at the bottom.


Added tonight's (Friday) clip of Lucy's appearance on Celebrity Duets. Oh, my my my! (lol) Go to the Videos page, scroll down to Misc Clips. It's at the bottom.


Added tonight's clip of Lucy's appearance on Celebrity Duets. Go to the Videos page, scroll down to Misc Clips. It's at the bottom.


Re-captured Lucy's appearance on Celebrity Duets from the HD Fox channel, which makes sort of a widescreen version (and there are no hurricane warning notices scrolling across the bottom like the previous clip ... lol). Go to the Videos page, scroll down to Misc Clips. It's at the bottom.


Added a clip of Lucy's appearance on Celebrity Duets. Go to the Videos page, scroll down to Misc Clips. It's at the bottom.


Video Elite has honored my video, When Fates Collide, with a music video award! Video Elite is an awesome site. If you want great videos from all sorts of fandoms, they've got them, and as the name implies, only the best. Click on the award below to go there.


I have made the music videos available as streaming Flash files (your browser will let you know if you have to download Flash 8). I don't think this will work too well for you dial-up folks (sorry---truly), but hi-speed crowd, give it a shot. Just click on the small thumbnail beside the music video to play, it may take a few seconds for the thing to start. (thank you, Robbie!) From experience I will tell you THIS WILL NOT WORK IF YOU ARE ON AOL and using their Internet Explorer. It will work if you are on AOL and use an external browser like FireFox. Dunno why, but there you have it. Go to the Videos page to check out the videos.

Also to the Videos page, I have added Melinda Clarke's latest appearence on CSI as the cool dominatrix, Lady Heather. Not so cool and collected this time, however, as her daughter has been killed. Yikes.

Another addition to the Videos page is the Battlestar Galactica trailer for Lucy's next episode, "Downloaded." Good stuff! Scroll to the bottom of Misc Clips for both new additions.


Added specific information about the movie addresses (thank you, Pam). It seems Mr. Rona only works out of the NY office, so anything sent there will find him (no floor designation is necessary). If you send a card to the CA address it will find Adrienne Biddle (Senior Vice President of Productions at Rogue Pictures). So if you haven't yet, drop a note card, whatever, to the big dogs at Rogue.

Hope is a low probablity event. You have to act! --Lucy Lawless


Added a clip of Lucy guesting on the wonderful series Veronica Mars. Go to the Videos page, scroll down to Misc Clips. It's at the bottom. I highly recommend Veronica Mars, it is one of my favorites. Buy the first season on DVD here.


Okay, I finally got around to making a music video of my favorite ep, When Fates Collide. It runs 8 mins (hey, a lot happened in that ep! lol), so the files (both the large and small) are on the largish side, but this is the first video I've done where all the footage was pulled directly from DVD. You go through all that effort to make them look spiffy and then you have to compress them for the web. Bleh. The smallest size I was pleased with was 85 mb, but that's just not practical for most folks to download, so I compromised with a small file for dial-up (13 mb) and a larger file coming in at 25.7 mb (although, if you'd like the 85 megger, drop me an email, I'll make it available).

Anyhoo, enjoy! Drop me an email if you like it ( jleak@warriorprincessnerd.com ). Feedback is our friend! Go to the Videos page. Scroll down to the last music video.

AND! I have just learned that my video was a winner at this year's Xena Con in Burbank and ushered in Katherine Fugate's time on stage! Excellent! I'm thrilled!


Added two clips to the Videos page. Lucy on ET talking about her escape from hurricane Katrina and filming Vampire Bats, and Lucy on Inside Edition promoting Vampire Bats. Scroll down to Misc Clips. They are at the bottom.


Added a Vampire Bats promo clip to the Videos page. Scroll down to Misc Clips. It's at the bottom.


Added a clip of Hudson Leick on CSI (the Las Vegas version) to the Videos page. Scroll down to Misc Clips. It's at the bottom.


Added two clips of Kevin Sorbo to the Videos page. Scroll down to Misc Clips. They are at the bottom. Kevin was at Dragon Con which took place in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend. He talked mostly about Andromeda and its demise, mentioned a possible stint on Desperate Housewives, and talked a bit about working on Xena and Herc as well as sharing some nice memories of Kevin Smith (which are the clips I have for you).


Added Lucy's Battlestar Galactica trailer to the Videos page. Scroll down to Misc Clips. It's at the bottom.


Added a clip from Bravo's Ultimate Vixens countdown to the Videos page. Xena was number 5. Scroll down to Misc Clips. It is the last one at the bottom.


I don't know ... because I can? Just go with it. (lol)


I felt the What's New logs were getting a little long in the tooth (three years worth, after all), and rather than archiving, I decided to add a scroll bar thingy. While I was at it, I decided to add a mailing list for my music videos. If you'd like to be notified when I have a new video, just join the list! (it's just below the What's New box) This list will be just for announcing a new video. No discussion threads filling your mailbox, no ads, or spam. Your addy is safe, no one has access to it but me. Show momma you need your Xena Music Video fix! Join!

Please let me know if you have any problems with the new layout or list. Thanks!


Added a clip of Katherine Fugate to the Videos page. Not Xena related. She was on CBS Good Morning being interviewed for a follow-up piece about buying a house in L.A. Scroll down to Misc Clips. It is the last one at the bottom.


Added several clips to the Videos page: Adrienne Wilkenson's brief appearance on Eyes, a few scenes of Renee in Alien Apocalypse, and a trailer for Locusts. Scroll down to Misc Clips. They are at the bottom.


Added several clips to the Videos page: Lucy edit of Eurotrip, Musetta Vander (Ilainus) in Manquito!, Vicky Pratt in Mutant X, an ad for Season 6 on DVD, and the trailer for Alien Apocalypse (no mention of Renee and only blurred glimpses in the footage). Hmph. Scroll down to Misc Clips. They are at the bottom.


Added a clip of Lucy on Two and a Half men. Go the Videos page, scroll down to Misc Clips. It's at the bottom.


Added a clip of Lucy on ET discussing the upcoming Locusts! movie for CBS, and a clip of Ted Raimi on CSI:NY. Go the Videos page, scroll down to Misc Clips. They are at the bottom.


Added Howie Mandel's convention bit from the Tonight Show to the Videos page. Scroll down to Misc Clips. It's the last one.


My site has been down for the past few days due to some malicious behavior that crashed my server. If you emailed me in the past few days and it was thrown back in your face, please email again. Thanks! Back to our regularly scheduled program ...


Back from the con! I don't really have a report, there are tons out there that can do a better job than me, but I do have a gallery of my pics up on the Misc Goodies page. The drawing of Gabrielle that I did for the art contest did well...it sold for $300. Then, the buyer donated it to the charity auction, where it raised $400 (with Renee's signature added!)!! The generosity of the Xenaverse is just awesome!

(click on image for larger pic)



Happy Halloween!

Added a few short clips of Lucy on (of all things) CMT's Outlaws of Country Music, the Dirty Dozen to the Videos page. Scroll to the bottom.


Jeez, has it really been so long since my last update? Hmph. Well, I've added the Lucy edit of Less Than Perfect (meaning her parts only...and that's all we want to see...ya? <g>). Scroll to the bottom of the Videos page.


Added a new wallpaper of Lucy's new absafrigginlootly beautiful agency photo to the Misc Goodies page.


I added Wendy Woody's winning music video, "Movin' On Up," to the Music Video section of the Burbank Con report.

I will be away for the next three weeks with limited internet access, so if I do not respond to your emails, I'm not ignoring you, I'll get back to you when I return. Be well!


For some time now, I have been hosting DJWP's videos, "Gladiators" and "Smack My Bitch Up." Recently, Mary D started a video page and is now hosting them, so, since I have been having bandwidth issues, and they now have a permanent home, I am removing them from by Special Video House and directing viewers to their new home: Ausxip Music Videos


Added my Burbank con report to the Misc Goodies page (mostly pictures). Added a clip of Lucy on ET at the Eurotrip premiere and on Ryan Seacrest to the Videos page (bottom of the page). I had server problems again this week, so again, I answer all emails. If you wrote and received no answer or your mail was flung back at you, please write again. Thanks!


My video "Beautiful" was one of the winners in Creation's Video contest! Find it here: Videos


Back from Burbank. I have some pics to post when they come back from processing and maybe a small report, but in the meantime the videos page is back up after a month of bandwidth issues, but the server was just offline for the past two days, so if you emailed me and it was flung back in your face, or you were unable to reach the site, that is why. I answer *all* emails, so if I did not email you back it is because I didn't receive it. Please email again. Thanks!


Happy New Year!

Added a clip of Lucy (and a little bit of Rob) on E! Celebrities Uncensored to the Videos page. Scroll down to Misc. Clips, it's the last clip.


Added a clip of Lucy on Entertainment Tonight to the Videos page. Scroll down to Misc. Clips, it's at the bottom (a promo for Eurotrip).


Added a new music video to the Videos page. Whatever magic drew us to this show in the first place, bewitches us still, as we continue to seek and create things that perpetuate that special something that touched us all in so many different ways. The show could be good, bad, bizarre, or absurd, yet we tuned in every week; and as a fandom we are still here, and we still care, and it continues to enrich our lives. In short, it was beautiful. It's only fitting that this next video is done to a song called "Beautiful." Enjoy.

(For those wary of FIN clips, there is one 4-second clip of the ship only and that's it.)


Added Lucy's appearance on the Wayne Brady show to the Videos page (scroll to the bottom).

In other news, I attended the DC Bardfest and had a great time. It's always fun putting faces to the online names. I did a pencil drawing (below) and donated it to the charity auction and was thrilled when it brought $100. The guests were great, we got totally picked on by Suzanne Westenhoefer, which was hysterical (that'll teach us to get seats up front at a comedy show <g>). Fun time. Glad we went.

Click for detailed pic.



On the Videos page under Misc.(scroll to the bottom), I added a clip of Lucy on Entertainment Tonight talking about her role on Tarzan. She looks fantastic! The hair, the clothes...*thud*.


Not much of an update, but I've been fussing over my Bring Me To Life video, mainly recapturing some of the grainier clips so the final video is a little cleaner (mostly FIN clips, as they tend toward the warm spectrum and that wreaks havoc on video reproduction), and I redid the end shot (because of techinical difficulties I had to use a static shot, and I didn't like the way it just kind of sat there) so I've added zoom to give it some movement. None of the content or clips were changed, just some are cleaner and the end is no longer static. Anyway, that's it. The new versions are up now. Refresh (reload) the videos page to make sure the links are pointing to the right files (they have an r at the end of the file name for revised, for example: bmtl_700r.wmv)


At long last...an update <g>. Whelp, after a hard drive crash that erased my Xena clip library, and a cranky editing program that tested my considerable patience, my latest video is finished. Done to Bring Me To Life by Evanescence, it is about how Xena and Gabrielle influenced each other (for better or worse, depending on your point of view). It does contain FIN clips and I did not change the ending.

One note about the music...if you like the song, check out the album Fallen by Evanescence. It's awesome.


A little sumpthin' sumpthin' for the 4th of July <g>:

Announcer: "Truth, Justice, and the American Way"

X: (whispering) Psst...Gabrielle...what's America?
G: I don't know Xena...I'm more concerned that those people are looking up our skirts...
X: Are you wearing your pink undies today?
G: Are you wearing undies?
X: (gulp)
(Part of the Xena and Gabrielle go to Paris series...Paris you say? (looking at Lady Liberty) Yes, that Statue of Liberty is the mini version, on an island in the middle of the Seine, commemorating the gift of the big ol' gal.)


Well, well. Guess what little Nerd tied for 1st place in that video contest? (me oooo me, me -jumping up and down- me, me!) I got a cool prize and a nice little award to stick next to my video. Thanks to Roach for the contest, and thanks to everyone that voted!


There's a video contest going on over at Roach's Realm. I've entered one of my videos (#2 Do What You Have To Do music by Sarah McLachlan) , head on over there, if you have a mind to, and vote for the one you think is the best (me me me me vote for me! heh. seriously. Vote for me <eg>). Not sure how long the voting is open, so run! Download! Vote!


Added clip of Lucy on ET from New Zealand Pre Oscar party to the Video Page. Scroll down to Misc Clips, it's at the bottom.


Happy Valentine's Day! I've added my Pasadena report (with pictures) to my Misc Goodies page. Enjoy!


Added four clips from Lucy's appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show to the video page (scroll down to the bottom of Misc Clips and right click Save Target As. Files are zipped). This is a horrible show, but Lucy looks fabulous and held her own despite the sophomoric humor of the host. The first clip is the interview, the second clip is more of Lucy and a Pasadena Con report, where I appear in the background for my .005 seconds of fame (on the video page, I'm in the grey shirt in the background of my thumbnail for the clip <g>), the third clip is Lucy introducing the New Zealand band, D4, and the fourth clip is the end of the show, Lucy just standing in the background, as more extremely bad--no--nonexsistant humor is put on display.

My con report will be up as soon as I get my pics back and scan them in.


Completed my next video and have added it to the Videos page. Done to Sarah McLachlan's, Do What You Have To Do, it's full of angst and the dreaded FIN clips (why Jody, for the love of God, why?<eg>), but I've added a twist to the FIN ender that I hope is apparent enough to keep people from throwing things at me (sheepish grin).

Speaking of videos, let me direct your attention to a fantastic video: Unity by Lethe River. Go there, its tremendous.


Happy New Year everyone!

I've added a mailing list thingy for those interested in being notified when I add or update something to the site. As you can see, I don't add things constantly, so if you sign up you will not be inundated with emails from me. Just notified of new videos, fanfic, clips, montages. etc. The list is in newsletter format, that means no one but me will be emailing you.


Added video clip of Renee's performance (complete appearance) in NYPD Blue a few years back. Scroll down to Misc. Clips on the Videos page. Background, if you've never seen the ep: Her family is murdered and she is called in to help the police in the search for suspects.


Funny who you run into while on vacation. Added Xena and Gabrielle go to Paris to the Misc Goodies page..


Added a Special Video House to my Videos page. In the house, videos I admire without homes will have a place to live. First residents are Gladiator and Smack My Bitch Up by DJWP. Damn good stuff. Check them out.


Added my Season 6 Gabrielle action figure to the Misc Goodies page. You gotta see it. It's cool. No, I mean it. Go. It's *really* cool. You'll want one. (you will) <g>

I'm going on vacation for two weeks (15th-30th), so if you email me in the interim, I'm not ignoring you...I promise to get back to you upon my return.


Added 3 Jennifer Sky clips from NBC's Boomtown (mmm...sexy <g>) to the Videos page. These are in small format (176x120) because of the size of the clips. Scroll down to Misc Clips and download them in order (right click Save Target As).


Added What's on my PDA to the Misc Goodies page. Why? Cuz I can <g>.


A little horn tootin' coming right at chu! I've been informed that the above montage has won the Ultimate Artist contest over at The Xena Scrolls site! Yippee! Thanks to all that voted and thank you, Nance, for the contest. She's got another contest coming Nov. 1st...something of the Bardic variety this time it seems, so head on over there and check it out.


Added Clips of Lucy Lawless on Bernie Mac to the Videos page. Scroll down to Misc. Clips. Right click, Save Target As to download. Some people tuned out before the end, and Lucy's funniest line is in the end credits, so that's available too if you missed it.


Added my Dragon Con 2002 report to the Misc Goodies page.


On the Misc Goodies page I added the above WFC Montage and a plainer Wallpaper for download, and another XWP Logo shirt design. .


It's official! Tapert says no Xena movie!


We Want a Xena Movie!!!


“It’s something that just won’t happen,” Tapert told TheTorchOnline.com in an exclusive interview. “I don’t think it’s going to happen for Lucy and Renee. In twenty years or ten years, in some amount of years, like McGyver, like Charlie’s Angels, it [could] happen like that [with other actresses].”

I'm going to leave this card up because, well, it's cool, and a girl's got to have her dreams!

(click on the pic to download the hi res version. it is not tagged with this website addy)


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A big thank you to Mike for the gracious use of his screencaps. Sadly, Mike's site ceased to exsist on 1/2013. Thank you Mike for all your hard work. Here are a few sites with HiRes pics: farawaysite and angelbacchae.


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