Burbank 2004


Welcome to my Xena Convention report from Burbank 2004. Actually, that's not quite accurate. I really have no report; it's more like, welcome to my Xena Convention Photos from Burbank 2004.

For the report part, I offer some links at the end. There are many good reports out there, and at this point (weeks later), I really have no fresh perspective to add, so here are the pics (click on the thumbnails for larger pics):


Adrienne and Danielle. Lovely and energetic as always.

Katherine Fugate and I in a hunk sandwich ... holy smokes! The Mighty Miss Katherine on stage, where she dished the goods on the possible Xena movie and told us of her recent/current projects. She can tell you better than I can, so check out her site: www.katherinefugate.com

I was spellbound during Renee's performance, so I took no photos at that time, but there are tons of reports and pics on the links at the end of this page about her performance. I will only add that she was tremendous, truly amazing.

However, I did manage to grab my camera for the "surprise" <g>:

Renee and Lucy

Miscellaneous Con fun:

Lipstick is all about the blend. (it's true!)
Jillayne "Xena" Marie as Livia ... awesome!
Happy to help color in Renee's tattoos!!

Here I am, assisting... (Kim, you are a writer!!)


Here are some wonderful pics from my friend Tracy Van Zeeland.


Music Videos

This is a passion of mine, and I did manage to see a few on Friday, and can I just say, the quality is fantastic from the vidders out there (and it has nothing to do with the fact that mine is on the end of that list <g>). I've linked the ones I can find, so if you are on the list (congratulations!), or know where a link is, please let me know.

William Tell Overture: Linda Crist
One More Day: Denise Byrd
Dragula: Tara Lowe
In the End: James Gottfried
Pretty Fly for a White Guy: Angie Nielson and Theresa Pierce
A Woman's Touch: Lisa Olive
Movin' On Up: Wendy Woody
War's Angels: Samara Ferrando
Cell Block Tango: Marilyn Cristiano
Tribute to the Last Episode: Jettidya Kuch
You Got It: Jill Olsen
The Girl All the Bad Guys Want: Angela Corbelli
Celebration: Deborah Abbot
Anything You Can Do: Jen Stamey
Oh How the Years Go By: Katie English
Beautiful: Jody Leak

That's all I have this time around. Many thanks to Katherine for the adventure. You are an amazing woman and I will work the autograph line with you anytime! (Silver or black, hon?) The people I met were wonderful, and it was a convention I will never forget.


The following links have some great reports and pictures:

Xenaversity - great site, lots of pics and reports.

Mary D's - do I really need to say more?

Writing Seminar report by the extremely talented artist, Elizabeth Watasin. (Feb. 2nd entry, scroll down to 'STORY, and Two Writers Tell It Like It Is')

Steven Sears' Con pics - great photos!!



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