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My foray into Fan Fic, began when the credits rolled at the end of A Friend In Need. A lot has been said about AFIN, good and bad. That's probably because there was good and bad in it <g>, but over all, I liked it. Beautifully done, I thought.

It did however, leave me with unresolved feelings. I found solace and resolution in the form of Fan Fiction. So, without further two Post-AFIN stories. Hope you enjoy them.

So It Goes ~ How is our favorite bard dealing with the events that transpired in Japa. And why won't the God of War leave her alone? Gabrielle sets out to find Eve to tell her the tragic news of her mother, only to discover that she may have made a tragic mistake. Who can she turn to to set things right?


One Path ~ Picks up where So It Goes left off. Deception is a four letter word when Ares is involved, and the more things change, the more they stay the same as he meddles once too often and finds himself entombed by a certain pair of fed up heros. What the heck has he done now?


My Fan Fic section wouldn't be complete without my favorite FF sites:

What can I say about Miss Viv...she is my favorite writer. I don't mean just my favorite fan fic-ery writer, I mean one of my favorite writers period. May I suggest starting with A Narcoleptic's Guide to Romance, then to the brilliant sequel, A Lexicon for the Sunday Morning Sleeper, concluding with the wonderful Partita.

Missy Good If you're a Xena fan, you're probably already familiar with her work. One of my fav Classic X&G Fan Fic writers. IMHO she knows Xena and Gabrielle better than TPTB do (did). Her Dar and Kerry stuff (uber) is fantastic as well.

Another bard I like quite a bit: Junebug Check out her Diary of A Madman, especially. An unusual, albeit dark, short Uber. (Before you start reading the other stories on her page---Night and Day, Seven Deadly Sins, Lift to the Scaffold---be warned, they are unfinished and haven't been updated since 2004. Good ... but unfinished.)


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