Xena of course!


I have a Cassiopeia E200 (Pocket PC OS) and this is my current "desktop" on it.

I started customizing my Pocket PC with a program called Pocket Theme Manager. It's a really simple program. You just basically pick the picture you want, and then adjust the colors for the upper and lower bars. Please note, PTM *only* does the background photo...I'm getting to the upper bar which is the cool part <g>.

The upper bar was made with a fun little free program I downloaded called GigaBar. The GigaBar is the band at the top of the screen with the icons where Xena is looking at her chakram. You can customize this bar, *and* you can program each icon to do 10 different tasks, some just by tapping or sliding, others by drop down menu. Even the icons can be customized which you can see below.


This is the actual Gigabar .gif. If you happen to have Gigabar, feel free to take it and use it (right click Save Picture As). I made the two chakram icons (OK and Cancel), and Sai icon (Help) and modified the Windows logo(Start) and the hand with quill (keyboard). A free program for making a customized GigaBar can be found here. GigaBar's official site is here.

As you can see from my desktop capture,on the left side of the screen, the Windows start logo is always displayed, followed by any programs that I happen to have running at the time. The custom logos are displayed when ever those options are available in whatever program I'm using.

The logos on the right side are always displayed and these are the ones that are assigned tasks. This is what the bar would look like if all of my custom logos appeared at the same time (which they never would):

Download.com has a few programs for customizing these little boogers (Pocket PCs), a new one just out called Pocket Blinds sounds promising.

From the developer: "PocketBlinds is a new program for the PocketPC that allows full skinning of the Windows CE GUI. The title bar, buttons, menus, and other controls all can have visual styles applied to them to change their look and feel." If anyone has used this let me know how it is.

Anyhoo...kinda fun. Thought I'd share <g>. Now back to our regularly scheduled program...


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