Many many years have past since I made these videos, so many years, in fact, that .rm files were all the rage at the time (!!) I know ... what? So with that in mind, I scoured the plethera of hard drives gathering dust in my office in search of the source files for these videos, because, frankly, what was offered here was compressed into oblivion because dial up used to be a thing (look it up kiddies, it was madness!). It turns out the source files aren't that great because they were captured from the Oyxgen Network back when they used to show Xena reruns. The height of video capture technology at the time was 320x240 (can you believe it!?). I've converted them into .mp4 files but crap in, crap out because of the small frame capture (and Oxygen's lousy broadcast quality). I'm afraid this is as good as it's going to get. I have some larger versions, but I don't feel the improvment is that great that it warrants a link to them. If it's your favorite video, and you just have to have it as good as it can possibly be, then drop me a note. I'll dropbox it to you.

The exception to the crappy quality is the When Fates Collide video. That was ripped from a DVD, hence the larger size. It's a beauty.

I'm removing the .rm files in favor of .mp4 files. Download and enjoy.

Also, check out the misc clips at the bottom of the page. There you'll find a variety of clips showing Xena stars on other shows and talk show interviews.

It has come to my attention by way of inquiries, that a lot of folks are A Friend In Need sensitive. I have added a FIN index to the video descriptions, 5 stars being the highest in FIN content. Even if the video has a high FIN content, I am sensitive to the fact that the ending was hard for a lot of people to take, and I try hard to make the videos end on a positive note. I'll put a warning when I don't.

You can watch them here or go to the playlist on YouTube and comment there. Some aren't available on YT so you can only get them here. Right click on the title link>save link as to download video. The dowload files are better quality than the YouTube player.

If you like the musical artists, please support them by purchasing the song (or the album!). Links are included to make it easy. Some are gracious and allow the videos to stay on YouTube, others are not. Either way, if we'll pay $6 for a cup of coffee, a buck doesn't seem too much to pay to an artist for a song we like.


Touched (28mb .mp4) music by V.A.S.T. (Visual Audio Sensory Theater) Brilliant album.~ [X&G, contains subtext. FIN rating: *]



Wherever You Will Go (24mb .mp4) music by The Calling from the album Camino Palmero~[X&G friendship. FIN rating:*****]



Now and Forever (22mb .mp4) music by Carole King from the album Colour of Your Dreams~ [X&G, a wee bit of subtext, FIN rating: Barely half a star. Literally, 2 seconds. Kiss on the head.] This video proves that love is eternal and timeless.


*Winner of Roach's Realm Video Contest April 2003*

*Do What You Have To Do (26mb .mp4) music by Sarah McLachlan from the album Surfacing~ [X&G, angst, love, ya know XWP, FIN rating: *****] Life hasn't always been easy for our two favorite heros, but no matter how hard the road got, no matter how far life tore them apart, their love would always bring them home ... to each other ... where they belong. Didn't like the way FIN ended? Well, let's take care of that right here and now.


Bring Me To Life by Evanescence (28mb .mp4)~ [X&G, series overview, FIN rating: *****] This video explores the influences that eventually shaped Xena and Gabrielle's futures. Note the FIN rating is the highest. Footage of Xena's demise is included. I did not change the ending. the song? Go buy the album (Fallen), you won't be sorry. It ROCKS. I mean it.


*Winner in Creation's Video Contest Burbank 2004*

*Beautiful (29mb .mp4) by Amy Grant (w/ Vince Gill) from the album Simple Things~ [X&G, series overview, FIN rating: 1/2 * (boat only)] Love or hate the way the series ended, you can't ignore whatever it was that drew each of us to care for a campy little show that grew into more than it ever imagined it could be.


*Winner in Creation's Video Contest Burbank 2006*

*When Fates Collide (71mb .mp4) set to Elba by E.S. Posthumus from the album Unearthed (this album is awesome!)~ [WFC, FIN rating: 0!] Don't have 45 mins to get your WFC fix? Get it right here in 8 minutes! Because the vid is 8 mins long, it is a large file but I hope you find it well worth it!



As is our friend. Let me know what you think!


Special Video House

Here is a space for videos that I think are top notch. These aren't mine, but they are some of my favs.


Gladiators by DJWP


Boom Boom Ba - Charmax. Love this one! Music by Métisse from the album My Fault I actually can't find that album for sale anywhere (digitally), but the song is available on this soudtrack album (album only, not available as a single).


Misc. Clips

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Please do not engage in multiple downloads! Download one clip at a time to avoid crashing my server or I will be forced to remove all clips and make them available by request only. Thanks!! Enjoy!

Lucy Edit of Bernie Mac Her parts only. (22.7mb)  
Lucy in Bernie Mac End Credits (1.8mb)
Lucy Lawless on ET 2/4/02 (13.8mb) Lucy at home, talking about miscarriage.  
Lucy Lawless mention on ET 5/8/02 (2.8mb) Birth announcement.
Alex Tydings in Sheena (9.4mb)  
Claudia Christian in Relic Hunter (3mb)

Jennifer Sky in Boomtown 1st Clip (11.2mb) Small Format 176x120

Jennifer Sky in Boomtown 2nd Clip (8.4mb) Small format 176x120
Jennifer Sky in Boomtown 3rd Clip (16.9) Small Format 176x120  
Renee in NYPD Blue (15.1mb)
Lucy on Jimmy Kimmel (22mb) Small Format 176x120 Clip descriptions are on the Home page. (2.12.03 entry)  
Lucy on Jimmy Kimmel/Pasadena Con (14mb) Small Format 176x120
Lucy on Jimmy Kimmel/D4 intro (8mb)  
Lucy on Jimmy Kimmel/End-does not speak (11mb)
Lucy on ET New Zealand PreOscar Party (6mb)  
Lucy on ET Tarzan Role (7.6mb)
Lucy on Wayne Brady (18mb zipped)  
Lucy on ET Eurotrip (3.2 mb zipped)
Lucy (and Rob) on E! Celebrities Uncensored (7.6mb zipped)  
Lucy on ET Eurotrip Premiere (2.2mb zipped)
Lucy on Ryan Seacrest (14mb zipped)  
Lucy on Less Than Perfect (9.6mb zipped .wmv file)
Lucy on CMT's Outlaws of Country Music (1.5mb zipped .wmv file)  
Tonight Show Burbank Con 05 (11mb zipped .rm file)
Lucy on ET - Locusts! (6.4mb zipped .wmv file)  
Ted on CSI:NY (3.1mb zipped .wmv file)
Lucy on Two and a Half Men (11.5mb zipped .rm file)  
Lucy edit of Eurotrip (10.5mb zipped .rm file) Hilarious!
Musetta Vander (Ilainus) Clip from Mansquito! (10.5mb zipped .rm file) Kinda yucky. Poor Musetta turns into a mosquito!  
Vicky Pratt clip from Mutant X (2.7mb zipped .rm file)
Advertisement for Season 6 DVDs (1.7mb zipped .rm file)  
Trailer for Alien Apocalypse (1.1mb zipped .rm file)

Renee Edit of Alien Apocalypse (18.6mb zipped .rm file)

Adrienne Wilkenson in Eyes (1.6mb zipped .rm file)
Trailer for Locusts! (1.1mb zipped .rm file)  

Katherine Fugate on CBS Sunday Morning (2.3mb zipped .rm file) A piece on real estate in L.A., not Xena related.

Ultimate Vixens (6.4mb zipped .rm file)  

Battlestar Galactica Trailer (4.6mb zipped .rm file)


Kevin Sorbo At Dragon Con '05 (3.7mb zipped .rm file) Response when asked about working with Lucy Lawless, also mentions saying goodbye to Kevin Smith.


Kevin Sorbo At Dragon Con '05 (5.9mb zipped .rm file) Memories of Kevin Smith.


Hudson Leick on CSI (4mb zipped .rm file)


Vampire Bats Promo (1.6mb zipped .rm file)

Lucy on ET 10.26.05 (6.1mb zipped .rm file) Lucy speaks about Katrina and Vampire Bats.


Inside Edition (5mb zipped .rm file) Vampire Bats segment

Lucy on Veronica Mars (11.5mb zipped .rm file)


Melinda Clarke on CSI (14.6mb zipped .rm file) Cool dominatrix, Lady Heather returns when her daughter is killed.

Battlestar Galactica Trailer2 (1.4mb zipped .rm file) "Downloaded"


BSG Lucy edit of "Downloaded" (27.9mb zipped .rm file) Only Lucy's part from "Downloaded."

Celebrity Duets 8/29/06 (29.5mb zipped .wmv file)


Celebrity Duets 9/7/06 (12.6mb zipped .wmv file)

Celebrity Duets 9/8/06 (18mb zipped .wmv file)


Celebrity Duets 9/14/06 (14.5mb zipped .wmv file)

Celebrity Duets 9/15/06 (22.4mb zipped .wmv file)


Celebrity Duets 9/21/06 (21.1mb zipped .rm file)

Celebrity Duets 9/22/06 (34.7mb zipped .rm file)


Celebrity Duets 9/28/06 (30.7mb zipped .rm file) contains slo-mo clip in middle showing Rob and Renee in the audience to the right of Wayne as he walks down the isle.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Please do not engage in multiple downloads! Download one clip at a time to avoid crashing my server or I will be forced to remove all clips and make them available by request only. Thanks!! Enjoy!


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