Xena and Gabrielle go to Paris

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G: Here we are in Paris, Xena. This is our hotel.

X: Hm. Looks nice enough.


X: Twin beds? We haven't had twin beds since episode 37.

G: I guess we can deal with that.

X: Heh. You got that right.


X: (satisfied grin)


X: This is Paris, not Egypt, right?

G: It's called the Louvre. It's a museum.

X: Interesting.


X: Ah, Notre Dame. It's got a great view. Wanna?

G: You...in a church?

X: Me...in a tower. There's a difference.

G: Oh. OK (smirk).


X: Now this Napoleon fellow, he knew how to make a monument (thumbing over shoulder)

G: He just commissioned it. Chalgrin was the architect.

X: Yeah. Whatever. Big, isn't it?


G: Talk about big. Good grief.

X: Come on! Let's go up!


X: What's that lady looking at?

G: I think she wants to use the telescope.

X: Oh. (to lady) Nice view, eh?

Lady: I wouldn't know. You're hogging the telescope.

X: (reaches for chakram)


G: Whoa! Put the sword away, Xena. It's a Metro train, not a 3 headed hydra.

X: Sorry. (sheepish grin)


G: Hey, Xena. (singing) Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada .

X: What?

G: Mocha Choca lata ya ya. (chuckle)

X: Hey, Gabrielle?

G: Hm?

X: (singing) Voulez vous coucher avec moi...ce soir.

G: What?


X: The Seine is beautiful at night, isn't it?

G: Yeah. Cold as a witch's...

X: C'mere...


X: Hey wanna go climb that tower again?

G: No!


G: What is it with you and towers?

X: This is Sacre Coure, Gabrielle. You insist on going to churches, and I'll insist on climbing the tower.

G: Fair enough.


G: Heading to the coast. This is going to be beautiful, Xena.

X: Man, this is a fast train! Whoo hoo! Er...yeah. Beautiful. Coast. Right.


G: What is it with twin beds in this country?

X: (shrug) Stuck in the 50's?


G: Hey, Xena. Let's get wet!

X: Last one in is a big smelly piece of French cheese!


G: It's nice to go away, but it's good to be back home..

X: Amen.

G: Did you just say amen?

X: Centaur poop, I did, didn't I? Keep me away from those churches.

G: Even if they have really high towers?

X: Well...how high?


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